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Banaran Group is one of the work unit in PTPN IX functionalized to facilitate consumer getting all products. Banaran Group activity is on Banaran Office at Semarang-Yogyakarta Street, Gemawang Village, Jambu.

Banaran Group integrated with some production factory such as Coffee Factory in Gemawang Village, Jambu ; Tea Factory in Kaligua Plantation (Brebes), Semugih Plantation (Pemalang), and Jolotigo Plantation (Pekalongan) ; Nutmeg Syrup Factory and Packaging Factory of Gula 9 in Ngobo Plantation (Ungaran) ; also Bottled Water in Kaligua Plantation (Brebes).

We will maintaining our consistency of our products that we have and served you with heart,because your satisfaction is our priority.