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Banaran, A perfect Java Mocha Coffee Comes with the taste of java mocha flavors, Coffee banaran gives a unique taste in each steeping



Completed your day with real taste of tea. Banaran tea products comes with a lot of variant from the best quality of tea in Indonesia


Pala 9 Syrup

Derived from a nutmeg of choice that is rich in benefits for the body. Pala 9 becomes an alternative health drink with a delicious flavor


Gula 9

Gula 9 made from 100% purr sugar cane. Processed and packed hygienically with hi-tech machine,so it is safe to consumed

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Our Factory


Coffee Factory

Banaran coffee including one of the largest coffee producer in Indonesia. Banaran coffee factory is located at JL. Raya Semarang-Yogyakarta Regency Semarang Central Java. Banaran coffee processed through wet process or dry process using semi mechanical equipment and has been certified. Raw materials consist of 100% robusta and Arabica coffee.


Tea Factory

Banaran Group Product has 3 tea factory there are kaligua tea factory, jolotigo tea factory and semugih tea factory. The capacity of the tea packaging in the product Banaran group of 100 kg/day. Kaligua tea products and semugih have been in commercial operation since 2005. The raw materials of Kaligua tea and Semugih products (Product Banaran group) come from selected tea tops with export quality


Syrup Pala Factory

The nutmeg syrup plant is located in Gebugan district Semarang. Nutmeg syrup with raw materual of selected nutmeg meat. Processed through modern mechanis and without artificial dyes or sweeteners


Sugar Factory

Packaging sugar 9 is done in the plant Ngobo Ungaran Semarang regency. With a capacity of 1.800 tons/year. Sugar 9 is made from selected sugar cane and is present to meet the needs of consumers with the best quality sugar products

Our Plantation


Tea Plantation

Banaran Group Product has 3 tea plantation that is kaligua tea plantation, semugih tea plantation and jolotigo tea plantation. Kaligua tea plantation is located in brebes paguyungan at an altitude of 1.200-2.050 meters from sea level with an area of ±500 hectares. Semugih and jolotigo tea plantations are at an altitude of 600-1200 masl with an area of ±666 hectares. This tea plantation has been certified rainforest alliance


Coffee Plantation

The raw material of Banaran coffee is derived from the pickled gardens located in Bawen distric owned by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara IX with an area of ±401 hectares, the height of the place reaches 400-600 meters above sea level. These locations include temperate climate with high rainfall throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 20-250 celcius


Pala Plantation

The raw material of nutmeg syrup comes from nutmeg plantation located in Gebugan Ngobo Semarang. Wide area of nutmeg garden ±166 ha

About Us

Production & Sales Unit

Banaran Group is one of the work unit in PTPN IX functionalized to facilitate consumer getting all products. Banaran Group activity is on Banaran Office at Semarang-Yogyakarta Street, Gemawang Village, Jambu.

Banaran Group integrated with some production factory such as Coffee Factory in Gemawang Village, Jambu ; Tea Factory in Kaligua Plantation (Brebes), Semugih Plantation (Pemalang), and Jolotigo Plantation (Pekalongan) ; Nutmeg Syrup Factory and Packaging Factory of Gula 9 in Ngobo Plantation (Ungaran) ; also Bottled Water in Kaligua Plantation (Brebes).

We will maintaining our consistency of our products that we have and served you with heart,because your satisfaction is our priority.

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